Christian NLP Training – Neuro Linguistic Transformation Practitioner

Christian NLP TrainingOne of the questions I am asked most frequently is, “Is NLP appropriate for Christians?” Often, the deeper concern is whether it is appropriate for Christians to take an active role in their own personal development using the best and latest tools available, and whether this can be done in a way which is humble before God and respects, honors and supports their faith. If we ask the question if believers must approve everything that goes under the name of Neuro Linguistic Programming, off course the answer will be “we do not“. That is why we evaluated all the tools and techniques offered by NLP and change the approach to a Christian and Biblical foundation. Romans 12:2 teaches is to “to be transformed by the renewal of our minds”? But how do we do that? Now Christian NLP (Neuro Linguistic Transformation – the Biblical alternative for traditional NLP) teaches us the “how” of renewing our minds.

This learning program and certification process is designed to help you become a high quality practicing coach & practitioner meeting certain standards of competence. These are closely aligned with the professional competencies promoted by COMENSA (The Coaches and Mentors Association of South Africa), as well as the Association for Neuro Linguistic Practitioners and the International Christian Coaching Association. Our certification process is designed to test your standards of competence.


Upcoming Events
  • Johannesburg:  – 9 – 15 November 2019


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